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In 2017, let Maintenant carry you in a world of artistic innovations between smiles, spheres and air bubbles! Creations, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, performances and workshops: a journey dedicated to curious publics, a new urban course made of intimate meetings and gigantic installations.



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Exhibitions & installations

Maintenant will settle in 17 different places of Rennes and its suburbs. Drawing with a monumental bubble air, building an open-source sewing machine, entering an inflatable pavilion, contemplating the delicate choreography of pendulums, listening to the symphony of crystal-clear percussions or glass fragments, cuddling a fantastic creature… Here are few adventures you will get into from 10th to 15th October!

Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Étienne

For a week, Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Étienne will become the heart of the Maintenant festival 2017: a convivial place to pick information, meet people, eat and watch concerts.


Nuits Électroniques

The Nuits Électroniques gather emerging talents on stage that are coveted visionaries and emblematc figures who shape tomorrow’s electronic music.

Discover Abdulla Rashim, Kassem Mosse, Courtesy, Willow, Varg, SKY H1, Knappy Kaisernappy & Louveteau 6.3 FM!

Nuit Américaine

In line with the previous Nuits Américaines, Maintenant festival and Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne join forces again to present a program on the edge of contemporary music and electronic music, around pieces of the greatest american minimalist composers. Chloé, DJ and producer, and Vassilena Serafimova, percussionist, present A tribute to Steve Reich.

Textiles 2.0

Electroni[k] and the department for culture of Rennes 1 University present Nuit Textiles 2.0 where students, artists, musicians ans designers gather to present you a program that evolves around textiles, a web where digital production and artistic expressions meet.


Expérience is a program dedicated to nowadays digital creativity as well as electronic experimentations and inventive machineries. This opened space of Maintenant, laboratory for art innovations, is a favorable environment for discovering experimental forms.

Ambiances Électroniques

In the early evening, the festival’s Headquarters at Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Étienne host the cream of Rennes electronic scene for festive and welcoming clubbing. After the inaugural night with NSDOS, N.M.O. & SoulBarex’, a carte blanche is given each nights to local collectives: Texture, Same Fam, ÖND, Editions Gravats & Spazio Infinito.

Conférences Demain 3

Demain highlights the experiments and the initiatives of today’s actors and professionals who make and participate in tomorow’s creation, around Innovation & Digital word-keys.

In 2017, “Textiles & connected clothes” & “Books, reading and digital” are themes to be discovered at Maison des Associations.


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